Friday Notes and News

Kentuckians will get to purchase Ground Passes (tickets to get into the Horse Park) for the WEGs at the discounted price of $15 on April 15th, but XC day is excluded.  Ahhh, the joys of extracting consumer surplus.
Courtney King-Dye has spoken her first words, and said “thank you for your hard work” to one of her nurses.  Courtesy of
The field is set for the Grand National Chase in GBR.  I spoke with a gentleman from the UK several months ago who explained to me that the Grand National is a truly incredible test of the horse and is a very big deal in Great Britain.
The Tennessee horse slaughter bill passed a subcommittee by a slim margin, and moves onward in the legislative gauntlet.  
The Melbourne Cup is seeking to reunite the remains of the incredible racehorse Phar Lap, whose hide is in Melbourne, heart is in Canberra, and skeleton is in New Zealand.
TJR: FEI to release clarification of difference between rollkur vs LDR and explain “aggressive riding”
Unsurprisingly, the mass polo pony deaths in Florida have led to a huge law suit.
In a joking text conversation, the Chattahoochee course designer says “April easy May carnage is the plan,” so get your May entries in now.
*Check out this incredible video of the real 2009 Grand National, and then the Pony Grand Nationals…

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