Friday Video from World Equestrian Brands: Best Sales Video Ever

Karen Teague of Brookby Heights International in New Zealand has to win the award for Best Sales Video Ever. After repeatedly being asked if sales horse Nouveau Heights, an 8-year-old Irish/Holsteiner mare, was “good with children,” Karen took matters into her own hands.

She explains: “The joys of selling horses. I keep being asked if this horse is ‘good with children’ — the last person asked for ‘a video’ ??? So I have checked just in case I had accidentally advertised her in the ‘nannies looking for work’ section. I haven’t. Anyway, today Nouveau Heights, aka Pumba, humoured us … no children or horses were harmed in the making of this video …”

And it gets better. THEN a potential buyer asked if Pumba liked llamas. “I’m sorry to say that llamas were in short supply, but we told Pumba this was a llama, so technically …”

It’s safe to say Pumba is an absolute saint!