From H&H: Gypsy Cobs End Up at UK Equine Rescues

gypsy vanner


It’s interesting how certain breeds of horses are viewed differently around the world.  Here in the US, the  Gypsy Vanner breed comes with a designer price tag to go along with the pinto color, lots of hair, big feet and feathers.  However, in the UK “coloured cobs” are a dime a dozen…and could be filling up equine rescues throughout Britain.

The Horse & Hound reports that thousands of gypsy cobs could end up at equine charities, and that World Horse Welfare is urging riders to consider the “underrated” animals.  Having worked with one myself, I  think they make great kids horses with their shorter size, friendly temperament, and Barbie-doll hair.  Like many draft-crosses, they’re a bit heavy for serious jumping but could be good all-around mounts.  The one I rode showed great aptitude for dressage, and was quite fun!

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