From Horse Nation: 12 Equine Obsessions Non-Riders Just Don’t Understand

Carla Lake over at Horse Nation has composed a list of particular habits only horse people can relate to.  While we aren’t as bad as victims on TLC’s freak show “My Crazy Obsession,” face it: horse people are a little bit weird, but that’s what makes us special.  We think nothing of having more (expensive!) clothes for our horses while our own closets are empty aside from breeches and show garments.  And let’s not get into our craving for leather goods…why do you need five bridles for one horse?  I argue, “Why not?”

From Carla Lake:

12 Equine Obsessions Non-Riders Just Don’t Understand

Step AWAY from the Show Sheen…this is an intervention.

Obviously, you’re addicted to horses. But what about everything that goes along with being around them? Most horse people don’t think twice about taking a nice big whiff of manure while picking out stalls…or bringing their barn jacket to the office to get a little whiff of barn smell, I have been informed that most people do not find this kind of behavior to be normal. Why, I am not sure.

What strange equine obsessions do you have?

Doing your polo wraps over and over and over until they’re perfect.

[Eventing Nation]

The smell of Show Sheen or Show Pepi

It’s intoxicating…


The smell of good hay.

[Life as a Leach]

Using your horse’s hair care products on yourself.



Scratching off crud to medicate your horse’s skin. So gross…but so weirdly satisfying.

Getting a whiff of barn smell when you put on your barn jacket. Instant pick-me-up.

Bling. Everywhere.

equestbling[Velvet Rider]

Buying horse stuff online…because what’s one more pair of ill-fitting $20 breeches or yet another crazy-color saddle pad?


Living vicariously through GoPro videos.

Cleaning the barn…even though it will literally never, ever be done.

[Pinterest: My Equine Addiction]

“Window shopping” on DreamHorse,, Facebook or CANTER listings–perhaps the most dangerous equine obsession for your checkbook, health, and human relationships.

[Tumblr: Equestrian Ryan Gosling]

Secretly browsing Horse Nation while the boss isn’t looking…

Might want to be a little sneakier than this kid, though.


Go Riding. At least we can all agree on the appeal of that!

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