Gaining Inspiration from the Big Events

Sara Gumbiner and Polaris. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

Do you believe in YOU?

The great riding that was in abundance at two special locations in the world in the last two weeks is a great place to start the process of believing in yourself and your horse. It probably should be noted that it is important to not just look at two riders’ performances, but at the rest of the 120-plus best-in-the-world riders who crossed the start lines at two great venues half the world apart.

I absolutely love to watch cross country videos and having Badminton and Kentucky past performances to watch online is like a godsend. If you’re a visual learner, or even can just appreciate really scopey horses jumping really well for talented, strong, and very good riders, you will appreciate what I am talking about!

Of course, my jumps are big at half the size, but we can all use better equitation, better balance, and better preparation for the questions we face on our cross-country courses. It’s a treasure trove of education — so please don’t forget to watch the great ones!

See Sara Gumbiner, and her remarkable performance last week at Kentucky. See also Jonelle Price, and her remarkable performance this week at Badminton. Positive and fabulous. These competitors together inspired me a great deal. I have been thinking about their riding and their influence has rubbed off! It means a lot that dreams do come true. It’s evidence that the rest of us can get there, too. Maybe not Kentucky or Badminton. But our own Kentuckys, and our own Badmintons are out there for us and we have to keep believing and working. Use the inspiration available to you for a positive result!

So go out there and use what you see on the live feed and on TV on Sunday afternoon to inspire you to ride better and work harder in the barn and in the tack. Keep believing.

Who are your favorites? What rides did you like? Share them with friends and discuss their merits. (One of my personal favorites was Lauren Kieffer on Veronica through the Eclipse Cross Pond (18abc) at Badminton. She was right with the mare as she pinged off the bank over that huge airy oxer in the out, a fabulous ride, where so many of the riders sat back.)

Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event: Re-watch all phases via USEF Network here

Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials: Coverage of the cross country phase will be available to re-watch here on Monday, May 7, at 5 p.m. EST