George Morris Horsemastership Training Sessions Day 2


After the first day of flatwork basics, George Morris is back for more on today with more flatwork and a bit of gymnastics.  Yesterday produced a lot of “Inside leg to outside rein,” a mantra many of us have heard before.  George got on a horse in each group– the second one in particular was pretty tough, inverted, with a lot of “temperament” as George said.  The 75-year-old coach rode for 20 minutes, explaining himself the whole time, and the result was a much softer, more educated horse at the end.  “I don’t use draw reins or gadgets,” George said.  “I have legs, I have a seat, I have hands.”

USEF is archiving the rides quickly, so if you miss a session, look for it On Demand later.  The first group starts at 8am, the second group at 10am.  Today also includes a flatwork session with legendary show jumper Anne Kursinski at 1pm.

USEF Live Feed

USEF Horsemastership Training Sessions Schedule [PDF]


8:50am:  Less than an hour in, we already have a quote of the day.  Says George: “Riding with me is like being eaten alive by a duck.”


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