Get In: Blogger Contest FAQ

The Fourth Annual EN Blogger Contest deadline fast approaches (Monday, June 9 at 8 p.m. EST), and with that in mind, here’s a last minute inspirational FAQ, as originally penned by the one and only Abby Gibbon, with slight modifications:

Who can enter the contest?

Baby beginners and four-star veterans, tall and small, acclaimed and obscure, proximal and telescopic, one and all. If you’re reading this, you’re eligible. If you’re not reading this, you’re also eligible.

Even if I entered last year and didn’t win?

Even better. As I can daily attest, chances are you clicked “send” and immediately identified 10 ways in which you could’ve improved your writing. And as most writers would attest, rejection is the bottom rung on the dubious, many-runged ladder toward success (“Do you want the books back? I don’t imagine so in which case we will keep it for our blank department. But let me know. I wonder if any publisher will buy it.”).

If, a year later, you’ve still got the bug to write for EN: Take that second shot.

Is writing experience necessary?

Anyone who’s read John’s posts could argue that spelling isn’t even that important. More important is a unique point of view, keen observation, and a real enthusiasm for eventing. If you’ve got those three things, they’ll sneak through in your writing.

What do I get if I win?

Your name on posts read by thousands! The posts themselves highly search-identified (you’ll Google yourself! It will be there!)! Phone calls from four-star riders! Phone calls from John!

More seriously, you’ll get to the opportunity to work with an awesome group of writers and riders, writing about a sport you love, with the opportunity to bring your bloggy dreams to fruition in an atmosphere where they’ll be appreciated (and debated and discussed) by folks who understand what you’re talking about. A rare opportunity, indeed.

What’s the pay like?

Your name will appear on posts read by thousands! The posts themselves will be highly search-identified (you’ll Google yourself! It will be there!)! You’ll receive phone calls from four-star riders! You’ll receive phone calls from John!

Don’t you guys have enough bloggers already?

Nonsense. “Enough bloggers” is an oxymoron, like “airplane food,” like “extra time,” like “French deodorant.”

What should I write about?

Your post should be Funny, Interesting, Creative, Informative and Eventing-Related (these are the judging criteria). Other than that, it’s up to you. What was your most epic event? Who will win WEG? How awesome is William Fox-Pitt? How much do you want to steal Sam? All topics are fair game. Surprise and impress us.

When is it due?

This Monday, June 9, at 8 p.m. EST. Email entries to [email protected] with the subject “EN Blogger Contest Entry.”

Go Enter.

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