Giving Thanks

Consider this a letter of gratitude, appreciation and thanks to everyone who has inspired me to be better, pressed me to recognize my weaknesses and push through them, who have humbled me, and who continue to inspire me.

A safe barn that is warm and cozy during winter's first storm.

A safe barn that is warm and cozy during winter’s first storm.

  • To those who have invited me into their world and into their hearts, regardless of my role as friend, instructor, confident or family. Thank you.
  • For the simple truths and opportunities, I am humbled and respect you entirely.
  • Thank you for your tears of happiness, frustration, elation and defeat. I have been there. In time, I will be there again. And I share in your experience.
  • To the innate human responses I have witnessed: kind, cruel, and instinctual – Thank you for being raw and genuine.
  • Thank you for trusting me. For believing in me. You have taught me so much, often without intention. You inspire me.
  • For the words of kindness and criticism, thank you for your honest thoughts, despite the ramifications.
  • To the partnership that is often forgotten between hearts – you have given me many of the opportunities and experiences I had dreamed of for so long. Our path is long and winding, and we will travel it together.
  • For the laughter that consumes all composure, professionalism, and modesty.
  • To this Life: Procured by fate, hard work, destiny, or simple luck, I am thankful for every day. This life has blessed me, and even on a less then ideal day, I am more fortunate than many others.
  • Though Roger and I have called Autumn Hill Farm home for little over one year, this land has welcomed many wonderful people. You are family, and our home is always open to you.

I am thankful for each and every one of you.

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