Good News Friday: Eventing Nation Keeps Growing

I am very proud to report that Eventing Nation broke our single-day traffic record (visits) on Thursday, and our 7 day traffic record this past week.  Using a few online resources for comparing sites, my best guess is that Eventing Nation is already approximately the 5th largest pure eventing site online, and in the top 15 of sport-horse news sites worldwide.  These numbers are due partly to the relatively few sites in these niches, but our success is the direct result of the kindness and generosity from you and many other sources.  
Emily, Josh, and Leslie Mintz at EventingUSA have linked to us several times over the past few weeks, giving us fantastic exposure on one of the biggest eventing sites in the World.  We also had tremendous fun this week with a thread on the COTH Forum, which has led to maybe an extra 200 regular visitors per day (maybe more), and shows the incredible power of that awesome cOmMuNiTy.  I have also seen a lot more traffic from email urls, meaning that people are spreading Eventing Nation to their friends.  Most of all, our strong growth is due to you making the conscious decision to regularly revisit Eventing Nation, thus supporting our efforts to bring you the latest eventing news in the most ridiculous manner possible.  
Personally, I am shocked at how quickly people have spread the word about Eventing Nation.  Heck, our tag-line might as well be ‘Eventing Nation: Some Idiot with a Laptop and His Two Smart Friends‘.  With great traffic comes great responsibility, and I assure you that I lay awake at night worrying about how we can do justice to the honor of having so many readers.  Thank you for everything so far, and please keep visiting, if only to see where we take this great experiment known as Eventing Nation.  Go eventing.
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