Good Reading at the Chronicle of the Horse

Now is a good time to point out that Eventing Nation will have complete eventing coverage throughout the holiday weekend.  In between the traveling, turkey, family, stuffing, and taking out my friends at football, we will have complete eventing coverage, as usual.   We would be privileged it if you find the time to check in with Eventing Nation once or twice.   

While these Chronicle articles were posted on Tuesday, I wanted to leave our FEI Letter to Princess Haya and ER Episode 51 posts at the top of our homepage for a while.  David Ramey has a good article about when to call your vet.  The article includes such gems such as:

“the horse’s skin keeps the outsides out and the insides in. If you’re seeing any of the insides, say, from an encounter with a sharp piece of metal, it’s time to get to the phone.”…and… “The phrase, “Eating like a horse,” was coined for a reason. If your horse isn’t eating, call your veterinarian.”

Another way to think of it, for our Jeff Foxworthy fans out there is: you might be a redneck if… you dont follow David’s advice.  Definitely worth a read.

Congrats to both Leslie Laws on their new son, Liam Lesley Law.

Finally, Jack Grogan has an excellent article on ulcers in horses.  If you have ever had a horse with ulcer problems, or worse yet, suspected ulcer problems, you have a feeling for the limitations in modern vetrinary medicine.  “Well, we might scope him which might give us answers, or we could treat him for a kagillion dollars, at which point we will still not know very much…”


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