Good Sunday Morning

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Morning my little Sunshines!  John is too busy unpacking his speedo collection and hanging curtains in his winter home, so he’s left the site in my care today.  Sort of like dumping the kids at an aunt’s house, while Dad goes on an extended vacation to Hawaii.  So thank him for this.  While the rest of us are stuck 8-clothing-layers knee-deep in the arctic effects of global warming, he’s enjoying balmy sunshine and riding in a t-shirt.  Let him know your true feelings at [email protected].

Meanwhile, Auntie Visionaire has work to do at the Keeneland January Horses of All Ages Sale.  You are welcome to come along with me; just be quiet and sit on your hands in the sales pavilion lest you sneeze unexpectedly and find yourself one horse richer and many thousands poorer.  Or if you prefer, like a good delinquent babysitter I will leave you home alone with plenty of YouTube videos to keep you occupied. (Top 10 Favorites–Part 2 will be along shortly.) 


I suppose I should introduce myself somewhat.  How did I land this gig, on this site?  Is it because of my superb writing ability and contacts deep within the inner eventing circle?  Possibly.  What about my unique wit and delightful charm?  That doesn’t hurt.  But actually, I’ve known John an awful long time and have lots of embarrassing stories about him I use as blackmail.  So he pretty much lets me do what I want.  “Leverage,” as Captain Jack Sparrow would say.


Seriously, though, I came onboard beacuse I completely support his dream and vision for this site.  It is created for eventers, by eventers.  We want it to be fun, educational, and entertaining; a place for the latest breaking news, event results, thoughtful opinions, and random silliness.  We wanted something that *we* want to read everyday, and hopefully you will too.  We aren’t doing it for fame or fortune, just to create something unique and fill a hole in the internet web by promoting our sport, its people, and its horses.  It’s run on limited sleep, unlimited ideas, and the appreciative emails and comments from YOU, the readers.  Without you, it would be me and John talking to ourselves.  And that would be weird.


So kick back, send John some jealous hatemail and pictures of your frozen arena, and I’ll try to stay warm walking Thoroughbreds around in single-digit windchills.  More to follow as the day progresses, including tips to achieve the 4-star sparkle and your YouTube videos as promised.  Stay tuned!

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