Got the Itchies?! What to Do?! Brought to You by Banixx

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Got itchy skin? Photo courtesy of Banixx.

Bugs, heat, humidity, shedding, gunk, all sorts of situations can cause your horse to be itchy. What can you do? Of course, we see someone else’s horse that never seems to be bothered, yet your horse is rubbing out every inch of mane and gouging his skin to hamburger via scratching!

We’re in shedding season and that can make your horse itchy. A good grooming session will reveal any small abrasions, bug bites and troublesome spots and it’s your first defense. Put that rubber curry or glove to work! Additionally, good airflow is important for your horse’s health; muggy conditions with no airflow can be uncomfortable for anyone, and especially your horse, add to his ‘itchies.’ Parasites can cause your horse to itch, so fecal checks and deworming are important protocols to maintain.

Regular grooming and air quality still not fully relieving your horse’s discomfort? A good bath with a quality product like Banixx Medicated Shampoo may be in order. Wet your horse and massage in the shampoo, then let it sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing. The chlorohexidine in Banixx Medicated Shampoo helps kill bacteria and fungus while the marine collagen soothes, moisturizes and heals the skin. And it’s a soap-free shampoo that does NOT contain parabens, sulfates, alcohol or steroids. No harsh detergents, so it will not dry out your horse’s (or pet’s) skin or coat.

After your horse dries from his bath, spray Banixx Horse & Pet Care Spray directly on the troublesome spots. Then follow up with an application of the Banixx Wound Care Cream for a horse that is hyper-itchy. This step is helpful as a daily maintenance as well.

Some areas to pay special attention to while grooming and washing:

  • Ears – If your horse has bug bites or sores in his ears wipe them out with Banixx Horse & Pet Care Spray, then apply a thin layer of Banixx Wound Care Cream.
  • Under the dock of your horse’s tail – These areas get dirty and can get itchy from dirt and dander build-up. Ticks also seem to like this area.
  • Clean your gelding’s sheath – some start scratching at their flank area when they are dirty.
  • Clean your mare’s udders – important and often overlooked; that area can get dirty and itchy too.
  • Little bugs like to bite your horse’s sensitive belly line, so cleaning and protecting that centerline should not be overlooked.

Various fly sprays and bug deterrent products are out there to keep the bugs at bay; however, they need to be ‘swapped up’/rotated as something might work for a bit then it stops working. Perhaps the bugs change or become immune? For horses with sensitive skin, be careful not to burn your horse with fly/bug repellents!

On a final note, if the issues can be resolved with good horse husbandry, then you are doing your horse a favor (and yourself) – quality grooming time and less ‘stuff’ (medication/herbs/etc.) flowing through his system.  Medications and herbal solutions can have side-affects that outweigh their good, and/or may be banned for competition horses. The use of medications and herbal remedies should be carefully discussed with your veterinarian and used sparingly.

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