Interesting Study

A behavioral study of work disorders in horses: This is an interesting, if a bit tedious, research article about how work for horses leads to certain stereotypic behavior in their stalls (such as cribbing), and how the type of work correlates to certain behaviors.  “Three categories of horses associated with particular stereotypies emerged: dressage and high school horses, associated with windsucking/cribbing and head tossing/nodding; voltige [vaulting] horses associated with tongue play, and eventing, jumping and advanced riding school horses associated with repetitive licking/biting.”  Vaulting horses were least likely to show stereotypic behavior because they have the fewest “interpersonal conflicts” with humans.  I love how scientists phrase things.  Definitely a solid 15 minute distraction from work.  Thanks to LisaB for sharing it with Eventing Nation.

Other news…Express Eventing, otherwise known as the shorter-short format is coming back to England.  Indoor Eventing will also be in Canada in just a few days.
The USEF annual meeting will be in Louisville, KY, January 13-17, which will give UL a few weeks to recover from the beat down they are going to get from UK Basketball January 2nd.
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