Half of Eventing Nation Snowed In

Eventing Nation would like to wish our readers in the mid-atlantic and north-eastern US a very speedy recovery from the blizzard that is hitting them this weekend.  Anyone who keeps horses on their property in that region has certainly had the opportunity to experience mother nature on full display today.  Here are some thoughts on winter care for horses.  On a personal note, I left the mid-atlantic just a few days ago for some winter vacationing in Michigan.  Up here, we have 3 inches on the ground and could use more to help the ski slopes, go figure!
If you feel like it, please post your snow stories in the comment section.  Largest snow amount might get a sympathetic shout-out on the homepage.  As I said, we are working on prizes.
Check out my farm’s website, thanks to JP for sending us this one. 
A video to remind us that fun awaits after the winter has cleared.
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