Hamilton BioVet: One-Size-Fits-All Knee Wrap Support

I hope that you’ve been enjoying the series on the super awesome and convenient line up of products, brought to you by our EN sponsor Hamilton BioVet. The company’s line of STAYONS Instant Poultices is revolutionizing the way sport horse barns stock their first aid kits and treat their horses after strenuous rides. EN truly believe in these products, and we want you to know how awesome they are! And because Hamilton BioVet is awesome, you can get free shipping on all products through the end of the month with the coupon code ENFREE. And don’t forget to enter the Wrap Your Horse’s Legs Contest Presented by Hamilton BioVet for your chance to win one of THREE prize packs! Contest entries are due tomorrow!

Ripley models the STAYONS Instant Knee Wrap Support over a STAYONS Instant Leg Poultice Wrap.

Today, I’m bringing you part three of the Hamilton BioVet series; if you haven’t done so yet, make sure that you check out part one and part two of the series, because you have definitely missed hearing about some phenomenal first-aid products! While the STAYONS Instant Poultice Wraps are absolutely terrific to use, their application goes that much easier when they are paired with the STAYONS Knee Wrap Support.

Wrapping can invariably end up being a pain — especially when standing wraps are involved! In my experience, when I am trying to put a quilt wrap in place, I always feel like I could use an extra set of hands to hold every thing in place. I wrap a quilt wrap. I reach for a standing bandage. I try to start wrapping the bandage. And, somehow, I allow the quilt wrap to loosen and slip, and then I have to start all over again. Now, when you bring a poultice into the mix, the application could potentially get more difficult. That’s when it’s really great to be able to pull out a STAYONS Knee Wrap Support!

STAYONS Support Wraps are available in Knee Wraps and as Hock Wraps. In my case, I had the opportunity to try out the STAYONS Knee Wrap SupportThe STAYONS Knee Wrap Support is specifically made for use with the STAYONS Instant Poultice Wraps, and they are also washable and reuseable! They come in a one-size-fits-all design, which allows you to adjust it to fit your horse. In my case, the Knee Wrap is able to fit both my 16-hand Quarter Horse Ripley and my 17.3-hand Dutch WB/TB Mark.  Sometimes for me, it is difficult trying to keep supplies on hand that work for all of my horses, since they are so different in size. That means two sets of certain items; so anything that is specifically designed as a one-size-fits-all item to allow use on different horses is always a huge plus in my book.

When I apply STAYONS Instant Poultice Wraps, it helps make the process so much easier to pair it with a STAYONS Knee Wrap Support Like the Poultice Leg Wrap, the Knee Wrap Support is also very easy to use; you simply apply the support over the knee, and keep the nice, wide Velcro closure straps snug across the front of the leg only (this is very important!). The Knee Wrap is specifically designed to allow tension only across the front of the knee. After the top of the Knee Wrap has been secured, it is easy to use the bottom to help secure the lower part of the poultice wrap. Once this is complete, you can finish off with a standing wrap.

STAYON Knee Wrap and AWESOME instruction sheet

So let’s recap why the STAYONS Knee Wrap Support should be a must-use with your STAYONS Instant Poultice Wraps:

  • They are washable and reusable. Washable is always an important feature when you are dealing with horses!
  • STAYONS Knee Wraps are made to be one-size-fits-all, so you can use them on a normal sized horse or your (really) big guys or gals.
  • The wraps are designed to allow tension only across the front of the knee.
  • Use of the Knee Wrap to secure the Instant Poultice Leg Wraps only makes the application go that much faster.
  • They’re RED! OK, so maybe there is no actual medical benefit of the Knee Wraps being red, BUT it is one of my favorite colors!

 And one more reminder… don’t forget — you can visit Hamilton BioVet’s website and shop using the code ENFREE, which is a special code that give EN fans FREE SHIPPING until the end of December. Who doesn’t love free shipping. Anyone? Anyone at all? And if you haven’t, definitely check out the Wrap Your Horse’s Legs Contest for a chance win one of three gift packs from Hamilton BioVet!

Go Hamilton BioVet. Go New and Improved First Aid Kits. Go Eventing.

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