Hamilton BioVet: Poultice Boots With A Secure Fit

Not-So-Classic Re-visit: Ripley models the STAYONS Poultice Boot over a STAYONS Instant Hoof Poultice Wrap
Not-So-Classic Re-visit: Ripley models the STAYONS Poultice Boot over a STAYONS Instant Hoof Poultice Wrap

Today, I’m bringing you the fourth and final part of the Hamilton BioVet STAYONS series; if you haven’t done so yet, make sure that you check out part onepart two and part three of the series because you have definitely missed hearing about some phenomenal first-aid products. While the STAYONS Instant Hoof Wraps are just fantastic, using them in combination with a STAYONS Poultice Boot helps to secure and protect the wraps.

It is always a bit of a process to get a hoof properly wrapped up. By the time you get a poultice or wrap applied, the next step is fitting a boot over it. I’ve used a couple of different types of boots in the past, the most recent of which was made out of nylon and had a leather bottom. Now, that boot in particular worked well for me in situations when I was dealing with an abscess and needed to turnout as much as possible. But the major downside? The nylon boots are size specific, so depending on which of my horses needed a hoof wrap, I needed to use a different size.

STAYONS Poultice Boots help to protect and hold STAYONS Instant Hoof Wraps securely in place. The STAYONS Poultice Boot is specifically made for use with the STAYONS Instant Hoof Wraps, and they are also reusable. They are recommended for use as an in-stall hoof poultice cover; they can also be used during hand walks or during turnout in a small area (as appropriate). The boot is designed to fit most hoofs. In my case, the Poultice Boot is able to fit both my 16-hand Quarter Horse Ripley and my 17.3-hand Dutch Warmblood/Thoroughbred Mark.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, it is difficult trying to keep supplies on hand that work for all of my horses, since they are so different in size. That means two sets of certain items, so anything that is specifically designed as a one-size-fits-all item to allow use on different horses is always a huge plus in my book.

When I apply a STAYONS Poultice Boot, it certainly goes onto the already poulticed hoof very easily. Like the Poultice Hoof Wrap, the Poultice Boot is also very easy to use; you simply pull the boot on over the hoof that is already wrapped and use the adjustable Velcro straps to secure the boot.  Afterwards, just use either some vet wrap to secure the top of the STAYONS Instant Hoof Wraps that is sticking out from the boot; or in my case, I very carefully used a wrap.  And that’s it … it’s that simple!

So let’s recap why the STAYONS Poultice Boot should be a must-use with your STAYONS Instant Hoof Wraps:

• They are reusable. Just make sure that you re-check the hoof every 12 to 24 hours, and then reapply!

• STAYONS Poultice Boots are designed so that they fit most sized feet. I’m able to use them on my normal sized horse and my horse with extra large feet.

• The wraps are designed to work with or without caulk or shoes.

• Use of the Poultice Boot is quick and easy since it features adjustable Velcro straps that help to get a secure fit.

 And one more reminder… don’t forget — you can visit Hamilton BioVet’s website and shop using the code ENFREE, which is a special code that gives EN fans FREE SHIPPING until the end of December. Who doesn’t love free shipping. Anyone? Anyone at all?

Go Hamilton BioVet. Go New and Improved First Aid Kits. Go Eventing.

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