Hannah Burnett Red Hills Report

EN guest blogger Hannah Burnett was kind enough to take time from her busy preparations for competing at Red Hills to send us a quick update from the competition.  Thanks Hannah and thank you for reading.

From Hannah:

Red Hills Horse Trials is back in full force this year and you can feel the excitement in all of the competitors, volunteers and officials. The grounds are, as always, immaculate and efficient. I had a look at part of the cross-country this afternoon before the delicious BoneFish catered welcome party. The CIC***W, CIC*** & CIC** courses look extremely inviting while still asking the appropriate questions for the level. Hugh Lochore has re-vamped the course and it has lots of brush and a good progression to get the horses in rhythm. The design uses terrain to put the horse on the line you’re supposed to jump for angles and corners, instead of off-camber where it would takes away from the horse’s understanding of the question.  Looking forward to seeing some good Dressage tests tomorrow–until then, this is Hannah Sue reporting for Eventing Nation Live at Red Hills LOL. 


Visionaire has sent me some of the lower-level profiles, and they are fantastic.  Call me elitist, but I never would have thought that I would enjoy reading the stories that much, and I learned something from every single one.  As I told Vis. our guest bloggers better watch out because they have some competition!  Since those profiles seem to be turning out so well, we thought we might ask for some reader contributions from Red Hills.

If you are interested in contributing to EN’s coverage of Red Hills, feel free to send us an email with your report or story.  If it’s good, we’ll ask you to post it as a comment, if it’s great, we might post it right on the homepage.  We love volunteers here at EN so we will be especially likely to post something from a volunteer.  The only thing we ask is that you identify your role in the event, and that you qualify your statements.  As in rather than “Buck was angry” we are looking for “I feel Buck was angry because he had a big frown on his face.”  So, this is just something fun we will try, and, as always, go eventing.


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