Hats Off to Allison

Good afternoon Eventing Nation!  This post signals a turning point in our four-star coverage and from here on out Badminton will start getting a lot of attention.  But before we make that transition we have a great follow-up story.
As we know Allison wore a helmet instead of her top-hat in dressage at Rolex to honor her brother who died from a head injury and a friend who recovered from a head injury.  What Allison didn’t know is that, in the COTH forumsdeltawave had offered $500 to any rider who wore their helmet in dressage at Rolex.  Allison hadn’t heard about the offer when she wore the helmet, but when she found out she decided to donate the money to the Courtney King-Dye recovery fund.  Bravo Allison–eventing needs more leaders like you.
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