Heading to Canada for Foshay? 7 Tips for Easy Border Crossing

Pro tip: Use the border crossing at Houlton, Maine when going to Foshay. Photo by Jimmy Emerson.

Foshay International, Canada’s newest FEI competition, is fast approaching! Held over Labor Day Weekend on Aug. 29-Sept. 1, Foshay offers two international divisions (CCI1* and CCI2*-L) and two national divisions (Prelim and EV 105), as well as an EC gold level jumper show. This event, in picturesque Jemseg, New Brunswick, is back and even better in 2019 after its inaugural edition garnered rave reviews.

Whether Foshay will be your first time crossing the border into Canada to compete, or you’ve crossed the border heading to Bromont before, there are some key things to know as you prepare to make the trip. Check out this handy list of border crossing tips!


1. Only take the Houlton, Maine crossing. All other routes to Foshay may appear faster with GPS, but the roads are rough on horses and not as direct.

2. Be courteous. Border agents are doing their job. Many don’t know how the papers apply to horses, so answer questions with a smile and be patient. When entering with temporary status, it is unlikely you will see a vet.

3. Plan accordingly for time. Just like all government agencies, there can be traffic waits and occasionally, they do search vehicles at the border. You do not need to stop at the U.S. side of the border to get paperwork stamped; simply follow signs for vehicles with trailers to the Canadian side. Again, be patient and courteous. This is their job.

4. Be organized. Have all paperwork for your horses and passports for humans ready to go and neatly organized. If you are bringing any canine companions, be sure they are up to date on required vaccines and all paperwork for them is also organized. A folder for each horse or a binder that has plastic sleeves and is easily accessible is best. Canadian border patrol will need to make copies of your
health papers and will most likely stamp your coggins and health papers with the date of entry.

You will need:

  • Negative coggins within 180 days/6 months
  • Canadian Health Certificate within 30 days stamped by the USDA
    • Correct port of entry: Houlton, Maine
    • Type of admission: Temporary
  • U.S. Health Certificate within 30 days, depending on the states you are traveling through and the requirements for health papers as per state.
  • Click here for an example health certificate.

5. Do NOT bring firearms, fireworks, or other illegal contraband across the border, even if you have a concealed carry permit for firearms. Failure to leave contraband at home can result in arrest.

6. Fill up with fuel before crossing the border — it is less expensive on the American side of the border!

7. Use these directions for the easiest route to Foshay:

  • Take I-95 North toward Houlton, Maine.
  • Once through the border, take Trans Canada East toward Fredricton.
  • Follow 8.8 miles and keep RIGHT to exit for Trans Canada Highway East to Fredricton.
  • Follow TC for 57 miles, then keep RIGHT at the fork to stay on TC/NB2 toward Saint John/Moncton.
  • Follow for 37 miles to Exit 339 toward Jemseg/Cambridge-Narrows.
  • Look for signs to Foshay International
  • LEFT at fork to NB 695/NB 715 Cambridge Narrows.
  • 250 feet LEFT onto Pram Grand Lake Drive.
  • .1 mile RIGHT onto NB 695N.
  • .4 mile LEFT onto NB 715N.
  • Follow for 4 miles, then RIGHT onto Jemseg Ferry Road.
  • Follow for 2 miles and look for signs to stabling.
  • ARRIVE at  Foshay International, 52 Jemseg Ferry Road, Jemseg, NB.

Safe travels to Foshay! Go Eventing.