Helmet Cam Highlights: Ride Around Saumur CCI3*-S with the Winner

France’s Pierre Texier, 35, took the first international win of his career over the weekend at Saumur CCI3*-S, besting a field of 58 combinations with Joli Couer Drum U VH Juxs. We have a bird’s eye view of highlights from Pierre’s winning cross country ride courtesy of our friends at Cambox.

Pierre produced Joli Couer, a 10-year-old Belgian Warmblood (Unique II Drum VH Juxscho X Quien, by Forever), through the levels, and the horse really turned a corner this season. Last year, these two finished 59th in the CCI3*-S at Saumur with 40 jumping penalties — what a difference a year can make.

They led wire-to-wire, adding just 7.6 time penalties on Pierre Michelet’s cross country course to take the win on a final score of 35.3, just 0.2 penalties ahead of Japan’s Yoshi Oiwa and Calle 44, his 2018 World Equestrian Games mount.

As you’ll hear in the video, Pierre chats away to Joli Couer in rapid-fire French the entire way around. We’d love to know what he says if any French speakers would kindly like to translate in the comments.

Congratulations to Pierre on the win! Go Eventing.

[Saumur Final Scores]