Here Comes Arrrrr!

Mental_floss, my favorite non-horsey site, posted some videos featuring racehorses with creative names to get readers in the mood for Derby Day.  

Tom Durkin calls this one.  I laughed so hard, I teared up and had to watch the race over again.

OK, OK.  Seriously.  Some people do put a lot of thought into naming a horse.  Picking any random name just won’t do.  It has to represent something of the horse, speaking to the horse’s character and abilities. He must have a “show name” and a “barn name.”  A name should give an impression upon reading it in the list of entries!

Macchiato ridden by William Fox-Pitt (GBR): Smooth and sophisticated.  Sitting his trot must be like riding on a cloud.

The Frog ridden by Clayton Fredericks (AUS): Doesn’t exactly suggest elegance, but wouldn’t you like to see him jump?

Oingy Boingy ridden by Nici Wilson (GBR):  Why not?

I keep a running list of horse names I come up with that I like, should horses suitable for any of them happen to come along at just the right moment (and I have the just the right amount of cash, which is unlikely). 
What would you like to name your next horse?  Do you have a list?


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