Horse Racing Won’t Follow FEI in Approving Bute, Vet Says

“Lambourn-based Jenny Hall, who apart from a daily involvement treating racehorses, is the veterinary services manager for the 2012 Olympics, said she was surprised by the decision and could envisage no crossover to racing. She said: “In the equestrian world this is a decision which has come about very quickly without the necessary consultation. It is a massive change.” Hall said she was confident bute would not be legalised within racing, adding: “You must remember we are talking about two very different horse populations.”  Read More

After speaking with several top eventing vets, the consensus is that the FEI was appropriate in giving more treatment tools to riders before the competition, and that the levels of bute and other drugs are too low to mask any serious condition.  I trust their opinion over mine when it comes to lameness in my horses, so I probably should when looking at the FEI issue as well.
Our good friend Sarah Lieser just published this article at the Chronicle about the issue.

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