Horseball: Wait, What the Heck is Horseball?

As I was browsing eventing and horse news sites a few days ago, I came across this article at Horse & Country that talked about the Horseball International Champtionships, and I realized that I had never heard of Horseball.
Apparently, Horseball is Quidditch with horses instead of brooms.

The game

The game is comprised of two teams of four players. They must make at least three passes between three team members before a shot on the opponent’s goal. The winner is the team with the most goals at the end of the match. Sounds simple enough, but take into consideration that these passes are made at speed while not only trying to steer your own horse without using your hands, but also keeping an eye on the opposition so they don’t intercept what could be the winning goal.

The equipment
Possibly the most important part of the game after the horses is the ball. The ball is a size four football surrounded by a leather harness with six straps. This enables the ball to be retrieved from the floor when needed. Which leads to possibly the most asked question, “How do you reach the ball on the floor without dismounting?” The answer is: “That’s easy – you just lean over the side.”

Other sources: Wikipedia, International Horseball Federation, US Horseball Federation

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