Horses, Housing & Holes-in-One: An Important Heads Up From Stable View

Photo courtesy of Stable View.

Stable View’s proposed spring 2023 fixture (April 7-9) will be an important one for many riders, who’ll use it as a last prep run in advance of Kentucky three weeks later. With FEI 4/3/2* and Training through Advanced horse trial divisions, it’s a busy enough weekend in Aiken already — but on top of all that, its dates coincide with The Masters Tournament at Augusta National.

Stable View recently issued some advice for those planning to attend: book your accommodations ASAP!

Masters weekend is a busy time in Aiken, with hotel and housing rates increasing exponentially, and vacancies difficult to come by, so we thought that riders might appreciate an early warning.

We have identified four scenarios that could be helpful.

1. With many Eventers returning north at the end of March, housing that is devoted mostly to seasonal equestrians will be available. Please begin having conversations with your peers to uncover these opportunities.

2. Those Eventers who are already in Aiken for the winter and who intend to compete at the April 7-9 horse trials may want to extend their seasonal stay at least through that weekend.

3. There are a few Airbnb and OwnerRez accommodations available at regular rates. These should be booked ASAP. (Check out EN’s 10 Unique Airbnbs For Your Next Aiken-Area Event for inspiration!)

4. All of Stable View’s accommodations are booked, but we will provide some additional RV spaces with hook ups. Anyone wishing to use their own RV / Horse Trailer and park independently can do so on a complimentary basis.


During the Masters some houses and apartments rent for three or four times their normal rate. Having been allocated this date three weeks prior to the LRK3DE, we would like to make sure as many riders as possible can compete at Stable View. If you intend to be here, please make your arrangements as soon as possible.

For more information, visit Stable View’s website here.