How to Make Your Social Media Life Easier

Photo courtesy of Hannah Addington.

Social media has become such a big part of the horse world, but who has time to get pictures and videos, edit them, post them, and write a good caption while riding full-time? Social media can be great business asset but it can also be time-consuming. Here are a few tips that have helped make my social media life a whole lot easier:

Don’t post everything at once.

I know it’s hard not to spam everyone with show pictures especially now that Instagram lets you post multiple things at once. You have to pace yourself! Share a couple each day and save some from later. This way you will always have content to post for announcements and other special posts or when you didn’t get a video or photo and want to post about something.

Bulk edit.

Apps that let you copy and paste edits are your friend! I personally use VSCO and I know a lot of other riders do as well. You can copy and paste edits to as many pictures as you want at a time and it’s done almost instantly. You can then go into individual photos and tweak bits and pieces if needed. This will also give your account a consistent look or a theme. If you have an iPhone, these will be saved in your main photo album as well as a separate one so you don’t have to worry about posting the wrong photo or posting the unedited and edited version of a picture at the same time.

Like and comment groups.

If you are trying to group your account and increase your like and comments, put one of these together! A like and comment group is a group message in Instagram that people share their posts in and everyone else goes out and … well, likes and comments on it. They can get a little overwhelming if you get behind but overall they are pretty easy and straightforward. Another bonus to these groups is that they are a great way to meet other riders that you normally wouldn’t talk to.

Ask for help.

If social media is still taking up way too much time, see if one of your friends or family members can take it over for you. Some professionals do this, and it’s pretty easy to understand why. If they don’t want to completely run your account, see if they are willing to be to edit photos or videos for you in exchange for a mention in the caption (which you should always do when using someone else’s work).

Social media should be a fun place to share your story and progress. It should not be a huge time consumer. Hopefully, these small things will help curve it’s appetite so you can spend more time doing things you love!

Hannah Addington has been eventing for four years and authors the blog, The Geek Equestrian, “providing how-tos and insight into the latest things in the equestrian, food, S.T.E.M, and geek worlds.” You can follow her on Facebook here and Instagram here