How To Put On Your Ride Safe Bracelet

My awesome new Ride Safe Bracelet! My awesome new Ride Safe Bracelet!

I was thrilled to finally receive my Ride Safe bracelet in the mail; however, figuring out how to actually put the darn thing on was another dilemma I wasn’t prepared for. I thought to myself, “This isn’t brain surgery … One should be able to assemble a simple bracelet!”

I studied the thing for hours. I thought deeply about the mechanics of it. I asked friends and family members, and I even asked an architect — and nothing. This is precisely when I turned my focus over to Facebook. I find that in times of desperation, or utter confusion, there’s likely somebody, somewhere online who has shared a similar experiece.

So, for those of you who are lost and are searching for a how to put on and assemble your Ride Safe bracelet video” — here ya go! Brought to you by David Wilson! Thanks, David!


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