How to Throw the Ultimate LRK3DE Cross Country Watch Party

Stay properly hydrated while watching cross country. Photo by Kate Boggan.

The #BestWeekendAllYear is almost here! Here’s how to maximize your cross country day live stream goodness:

  1. Come to terms with the fact that you can’t fit in your trainer’s suitcase and actually go to Kentucky (*ahem* Amanda Merritt).
  2. Remind yourself that it is no longer Rolex. Write Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event 100 times on a chalkboard.
  3. Decide to throw a cross country watch party and create a Facebook event accordingly.
  4. Invite all your horsey and non-horsey friends knowing full well only your fellow equine enthusiasts will come.
  5. Realize your TV is much too small to do the cross country awesomeness justice and make arrangements to borrow/steal your neighbor’s flat screen for the day.
  6. Call the USEF and re-activate that account you made back in middle school, when you thought you would have done your first one-star by now … *sigh.*
  7. Confirm you have a thorough understanding of North American time zones so you don’t miss a single second of the amazingness.
  8. Decide the mid-morning cross country phase start time makes your party the perfect event for a brunch, complete with mimosas.
  9. Contemplate LRK3DE themed decorations, but decide dog hair, muddy barn boots, and tack waiting to be cleaned gives it a more authentic feel.
  10. Reschedule your carefully planned college finals studying to be crammed into Sunday afternoon once the awards ceremony is complete.
  11. Download the LRK3DE app (click here for iOS or here for Android) so you can brush up on horse and rider stats and keep track of dressage live scores while you’re in class or at work Thursday and Friday.
  12. Obsess over every LRK3DE article and news release for maximum hype build up.

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