HSBC Eventing Riders’ World Rankings List Updated

HSBC World Eventing Riders' Rankings

The HSBC Eventing Riders’ World Rankings were updated recently with several riders making remarkable jumps up the board. As expected, Andrew Nicholson and William Fox-Pitt are sitting first and second, with 634 and 621 points respectively.  Michael Jung and Buck Davidson follow in third and fourth with 384 points.  If my math is right, when the list is next updated, Buck should move solidly in to third due to his win aboard Petite Flower at Galway Downs.  Fortunately for Team USA, Buck isn’t the only American in the top 10.  Phillip Dutton, Team USA’s top finisher at Pau has catapulted up the list from 25th to 8th.

Another major mover on the list is Maxime Livio.  It seems everyone is talking about him, even my non-Eventing co-worker, Laurel.  After his excellent outing at Pau, Maxime moved from 61st to 17th. Incroyable!  Laurel, while thrilled to see Maxime ranked that high declared loudly that “[Maxime] ought to have received extra hot-points”, and insisted that she would be sending a very sternly worded email to Princess Haya to have this rectified immediately.  While I’m not sure that “hot-points” have any place in determining the leading riders in the world, I still find the list interesting to consider when thinking about Normandy and eventually Rio.  It should be interesting to see how it changes between now and the WEGs!

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