“I Was Amazing”: Goodbye to British Eventer Caroline March

TW: this story contains references to assisted suicide.

It’s with heavy hearts that we share the news of Caroline March’s passing yesterday, March 23rd, just over a month after her 31st birthday.

Caroline was well-known and loved throughout the British eventing community for her big personality and fiery streak, and a zest for the things that she loved that saw her accomplish much in her three decades. She was a professional event rider, competing through four-star, and after a career-ending injury at Burnham Market in 2022, she fought to find new ways to chase joy and purpose. Caroline oversaw the production of young horses from her yard when she could no longer produce them herself and, in the typical spirit of someone who throws themselves into anything they pick up, she began photographing eventers, too, swiftly developing her skills to a professional level.

But no matter how many talents a person has, they are  much more than what they do, and Caroline’s passing — a dignified end to her life that she was able to choose for herself — will be mourned by a wide array people who were fortunate to count themselves among her friends and family.

Caroline penned a farewell letter, which has been embedded below and which tells her story far better than any news piece could. Fair warning that there are — obviously — some tough topics touched upon, and some colourful language. We mean that descriptor in the best possible way. Here’s to you, Caroline — you stayed wholly true to yourself until the end. We’ll always raise a glass to that.

All of us at Team EN send our most heartfelt condolences to Caroline’s family and friends.

While Caroline’s decision represents a freedom of choice that we believe all people should have, we do understand and appreciate that this story may be triggering for some readers in vulnerable positions. If you’re in need of help and support, please reach out to Samaritans or Riders Minds for round-the-clock care and a listening ear.

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