In Their Own Words


“I know my chap tries to jump the jumps…He tried his heart out.” 

“I came here hoping for a top-10 placing, and I kept reminding myself of that while I was in the ring today.” 

“I’m impressed and surprised, he didn’t do anything wrong. But I didn’t expect it. He’s come out of this a better horse.” 

“To be on Cool Mountain sitting on top of Woodburn and Courageous Comet – they are fantastic horses so to pip them to the post was a real thrill.”

I was sure [Oliver] would win it.  He came here with two lovely horses and for it to have gone so wrong just shows what it’s all about. You just never know. You couldn’t have imagined that. We’re just all very, very happy he’s okay, and he’ll win it another day.”


“I’m pleased I made the decision to come here and I’m thankful to the organizers for getting him in at the last minute.”

“Hopefully he’ll win one of these things one of these days, but sometimes you’re grateful to be second.”

“He’s a phenomenal horse…He’s a fiery, strong horse, and actually out of the whole weekend I was really pleased with today, because he and I have struggled a little bit to keep things calm on the third day.” 


“I’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot of experience being in the top places after cross country and the unfortunate experience of having bad rides and disappointment in the show jumping…On the day you have to just jump one jump at a time as well as you can.”

From: Rolex website, USEF release, USEA release

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