(in)Famous ‘Oh Crap’ Faces: Oh Boy(d) Edition


EN and social media went absolutely insane when photos of Boyd Martin’s big save at Fair Hill surfaced online. For those who missed it, here is Lauren Sumner’s famous photo of Boyd’s (first) Duck Incident:

Well sat, Boyd! Photo by Lauren Sumner.

Well sat, Boyd! Photo by Lauren Sumner.

Of course, all’s well that ends well, as Boyd velcroed himself back into Welcome Shadow’s saddle faster than you could say “Wingardium Leviosa.” It was only a matter of time before Boyd Martin’s ‘Oh Crap’ moment became immortalized as a caricature:

Illustration by Lindsey Kahn

“How the duck did he stay on?!” Illustration by Lindsey Kahn

Be sure to catch Parts 12 and 3 of (in)Famous “Oh Crap” Faces, featuring EN readers in all forms of insanity in the middle. The other celebrity editions of (in)Famous “Oh Crap” Faces feature Dom Schramm, Avery Klunick and Gina Miles For more insanity, check out my website here! Go Eventing.


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