Ingrid Klimke’s Best Advice

Ingrid Klimke and Horseware Hale Bob. FEI/Jon Stroud Photo.

German eventing medalist Ingrid Klimke taught “A Through the Levels Dressage & Eventing Masterclass” last weekend in Cloverdale B.C., Canada at The Cloverdale Agriplex. Here is some of her best advice from the session, courtesy of Tara Louise Lambie.

Quiet with your hand. Use your fist not your whole arm.

Keep your horse out in front of you not underneath you.

All fingers have to be closed.

Shoulder-hip-heel one line.

Half-halts are the most important. Feet, leg, then weight into your hand.

Do not give with the outside. The outside always stays. Only the inside gives.

Your half-halt has to be more interesting than everything around your horse.

Ride the circle round.

Put the spur away.

Half-halt before the canter. Always let them sit so the wither comes up.

Diagonal aids. The outside rein holds and the inside leg pushes to the outside.

Supple the outside ribs.

Hands together at the wither. Arm is front of the hip. Play with the fist. Arm up from the elbow. Hands in front of the wither. Elbows at your side. Close your fist.

Keep the rhythm with your rising.

Fix your hand. Don’t lay your hand. Thumb up.

Take give. Don’t hold or pull too long.

The thumbs are your roof.

Sink into the saddle, hands down, fingers closed.

You are not a passenger. You are responsible for your horse’s ride.

Stretch. And more stretching. It’s good for him and he will like it.

Slow down your posting.

Give give give the rein. Give more.

Put your reins away. Let them slip away.

Take give, take give.

Active from behind. More active.

Canter in the light seat.