Poultice insanity at Woodside


Photo by Jennifer Kan Bardsley via Bec Braitling

What do you think USEA president Brian Sabo is thinking as Bec Braitling, Andrea Baxter, and Tamie Smith poultice TD Andy Bowles’ car? We try not to post evidence on Eventing Nation that incriminates our friends, but since the photo was sent in by one of the ‘suspects’ I felt compelled to oblige.  Rumor has it that it was revenge from a toilet papering of Andrea’s house during Twin Rivers.  Perhaps we have a potential caption contest nominee. 

In the competition at Woodside, John Michael Durr and Warrick won the advanced by 14 points.  Gin & Juice and Last Call withdrew from the XC, but show jumped on Sunday, picking up 5 and 0 faults respectively.  Lauren Billy’s and Ballingowan Ginger won the open intermediate.  Lauren will be representing Puerto Rico at the Pan American Games as an individual and the first ever eventing competitor for Puerto Rico at the Pan American Games. 

[Full Woodside Scores]

Go Woodside.

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