Inside EN’s Holiday Gift Guide: Ideas for the Student of the Sport

An equestrian who is a true student of the sport is always looking for opportunities to learn something new about eventing or their horse. And, as all equestrians know, there’s always more to learn! This gift guide is designed to help the equestrian in your life continue their eventing education.

Audio Lessons to Listen to While They Ride

Image courtesy of Ride iQ.

Lessons are expensive. Ride iQ could be a great alternative to lessons, or used in addition to working with a trainer. With a Ride iQ subscription, your friend or family member can listen to audio lessons taught by world class equestrians while they ride.

52 Exercises to Improve Their Jumping Performance

If your friend, family member, or horse trainer loves to jump, then you know what a challenge it is to come up with new and exciting grids. With the Grid Pro Quo book, available on Horse & Rider Books, you can give them the gift of 52 new jumping exercises to try, from top trainers like Boyd Martin and Kim Severson. Give this book to your horse trainer if you dare…

Tickets to the Best Weekend All Year

Zoe Crawford and K.E.C. Zara. Photo by Shelby Allen.

For eventers in the United States, the Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event is the biggest competition of the year. Going to LRK3DE is not like attending any other sporting event– it’s a learning opportunity, too! Tickets to LRK3DE may fit in a stocking, but these tickets could take the place of every present under the tree.

A Schooling, Lesson, or Entry Pass

Photo by Joan Davis / Flatlandsfoto.

For an equestrian who struggles to afford regular lessons, the best present you can give is a “gift card” or check for a lesson with a local trainer. If your rider loves to compete, another great gift idea is to fund an off-property cross country schooling trip or to pay the entry fees for their next show.

Auto-Tracking Portable Video Camera

Image courtesy of Pivo.

Cameras that automatically track your horse and record you while you ride are quickly becoming popular. For someone who wants to learn from their mistakes, this type of camera is priceless for its ability to allow for self-improvement and better progress tracking. Pivo is one of the best auto-tracking cameras on the market, thanks to its lightweight minimalist look, user-friendly design, and ability to connect right to your phone.

Helmet Cam to Relive Every Ride

Image courtesy of Cambox.

While nothing is more exhilarating than riding a cross country course, a close second is to relive every stride of the same course with the help of a helmet cam. It’s hard to learn everything you can from a cross country course while you ride it. Thanks to the Cambox V4 Pro Horse, your friend or family member will be able to watch the course over and over again, analyze their successes and mistakes, and take away even more from the experience.

A Notebook for All Things Dressage

For many eventers, dressage can be a really difficult phase. With the Dressage Rider’s Essential Notebook, your equestrian student has access to dressage arena diagram pages, a notebook, journal, and lesson index. With help from this notebook, they’ll be a dressage pro before long!

Whether you’re shopping for your barn bestie, your trainer, or your family member, you can find something for everyone on our 2022 Nation Media Holiday Gift Guide — click here to view it in full!

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