Jackie Imholte: Update from Luhmuhlen after dressage

Jackie Imholte is grooming for Jennie Brannigan in Germany this week, where Jennie and Ping will be contesting the Luhmuhlen CCI4*. We’ll be following along with all the action thanks to Jackie’s blogs and photos, which she’ll be sending us all weekend. Many thanks to Jackie for writing and best of luck to Jennie and Ping in Germany!  [Previous entry: Guten Tag from Deutschland!]  [XC ride times]

Update From Luhmuhlen After Dressage

From Jackie:

Things are starting to get underway here at Luhmuhlen with the first horse inspection and two days of dressage behind us. All of the US horses trotted up beautifully and are feeling quite fit! For Jennie, Thursday was full of course walks, dressage lessons and a light jump school to let Ping have a little bit of fun.
We had a great day today with Ping scoring a 48.7 to lie in 18th going into the cross country. I must say, after the disappointment of Rolex, it was very special to finally see Jennie and Ping perform at the top among such a competitive international field.  I made sure to “stop and smell the roses” for them while they were trotting down the center line. These two have worked so hard to get here and deserve a great result.
The cross country course looks very tricky but I know that Ping and Jennie are ready for the challenge. Ping is very fit and is jumping better than ever.  Saturday at 2:52pm local time (8:52am ET) Jennie and Ping leave the box – be sure to cheer on from the live feed!
Here are the times for the other US riders:
Jolie Wentworth and Good Knight 1:48pm local (7:48am ET)
Marilyn Little and Demeter 3:16pm local (9:16am ET)
Julian Stiller and Enjoy Me  3:52pm local (9:52am ET)
It has been a  pretty wonderful experience being here so far. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming  (even the waiter who Kelley accidentally called a pig when trying to say “two”).  It is also so interesting observing the various ways in which different countries turn out and prepare their horses for the same performance. It just goes to show there are many different ways to achieve one goal!
Ping just came in from a nice long hand graze where he of course rolled and also met the cutest mini pony ever – Needless to say he’s pretty happy. Anyways… Ping has been tucked in for the night and will hopefully get a good night’s rest waking up very brave tomorrow morning!
Until next time…
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