Jersey Fresh XC Updates: $500 Craigslist Wonder Mare Takes 4*-L Lead

Fylicia Barr and Galloway Sunrise. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Good morning from a dry, sunny cross country day at the Jersey Fresh International Three-Day Event here in Allentown, New Jersey. The action kicks off at 8:30 a.m. EST with the CCI3*-L, followed by the CCI4*-L at 9:50 a.m, the CCI4*-S at 11:25 a.m and the CCI3*-S at 1:20 p.m.

There is no live stream, but EN will be running live updates on this page until my broken arm needs a break. (10 more days to go until I ditch the sling!) Click here for start times.

Capt. Mark Phillips is the course designer for the four-star courses, with Morgan Rowsell as the course designer for the three-star courses.

EN wishes safe cross country trips to all. Go Eventing.

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8:30: We are underway! Phillip Dutton and Sea of Clouds are our pathfinders. This horse is an OTTB and finished in the top 10 in his first 3*-L at Fair Hill last fall.

8:38: Phillip Dutton blazes home 20 seconds inside the time. We have good footing and fast ground today, so we should see plenty of speedy rounds.

8:42: Lynn Symansky and SpectraVet Tempranillo are home clear and bang on the optimum time. She will also be the second to last rider to go in this division with dressage leader RF Cool Play.

8:45: Will Faudree pilots Caeleste to a clear round and 15 seconds inside the time. The clock is definitely very beatable for the CCI3*-L course.

8:47: Starr Witness completes cross country with Doug Payne all clear and 10 seconds inside.

8:49: Arden Wildasin and Apogee cross the finish clear and 37 seconds inside the time — the fastest so far.

8:51: Alex Baugh fell from Mr. Candyman at fence 18, the open rails. She is up and OK, as is the horse. We will have a hold while the fence is being repaired.

8:55: Both Michael Walton and Heather Jane Morris have been held on course while the frangible pin is repaired at fence 18.

9:05: We are still under a hold for fence repair at #18.

9:11: We are now back underway.

9:13: Michael Walton and Brave New World complete clear with 1.2 time penalties. His time will be verified following the hold.

9:16: Heather and Jos UFO De Quidam complete clear and inside the time. Her official time is also being verified due to the hold.

9:20: Jacob Fletcher has been pulled up due to jumping the wrong fence with 501 Mischief Managed. That is unfortunately technical elimination.

9:26: Andi Lawrence and Cooley Northern Most complete clear and 1 second inside the time.

9:30: Jane Papke and Norman complete clear with 11.6 time penalties.

9:32: Nilson Moreira da Silva and Rock Phantom are home clear and 1 second inside the time.

9:36: Michael Walton and SBT Barolo complete the horse’s first 3*-L clear with 9.6 time penalties. That keeps Doug Payne and Starr Witness in the provisional lead.

9:37: Phillip Dutton and Fernhill Pick Pocket have fallen at fence 20. Both horse and rider are up and ok.

9:40: Will Faudree and FRH Ramona picked up a runout at the corner at 22B. He then picked up another runout at the stone table at fence 24. They completed with 40 jumping penalties.

9:44: Lynn Symansky and RF Cool Play are home clear and inside the time to hold the overnight lead.

9:47: Doug Payne and Cascor are home clear and inside the time by 5 seconds as our last pair in the 3*-L.


10: We have a 15-minute delay in the start of the 4*-L.

10:13: Kim Liddell and Eye of the Storm and Erin Pullen and Tag have both withdrawn prior to the start of cross country.

10:15: We are underway with Allison Springer and Sapphire Blue B as pathfinders for the 4*-L.

10:17: Allison Springer and Sapphire Blue B pick up a runout at the brush in the water at fence 8, the Jersey Shore.

10:25: Allison and Sapphire Blue B complete with 20 jumping penalties and 20.8 time penalties.

10:29: Caroline Martin and Danger Mouse are home clear with 17.6 time penalties.

10:30: Hannah Sue Burnett has fallen from Lukeswell at the Jersey Shore at fence 8C, the second of the brushes, when he slammed on the brakes. She is up and ok and even fished the flag out of the water to put it back in place.

10:32: Nilson Moreira da Silva and Magnum’s Martini complete with a clear round and 6.8 time penalties — the fastest so far.

10:33: Fylicia Barr and Galloway Sunrise have been held at the first stopping point while the brush at the Jersey Shore is repaired.

10:34: Fylicia has been restarted.

10:42: Fylicia Barr and Galloway Sunrise are home clear and the first pair to catch the time in the 4*-L — 5 seconds inside the time!

10:48: Nilson has now been given 15 penalties for missing a flag at the second brush, 8C, at the Jersey Shore.

10:51: Phillip Dutton and Fernhill Singapore fell at at 8C in the Jersey Shore. They are up and ok.

10:53: Clayton Fredericks and FE Stormtrooper picked up 20 penalties at 18B, the corner in the back water, and elected to retire.

10:55: We have a delay at the start for fence repair for 8C.

11:00: Doug Payne and Quantum Leap complete clear with 4.4 time penalties.

11:01: Arden Wildasin and Il Vici have now been started. We are running about 30 minutes behind due to fence repairs.

11:11: Arden Wildasin and Il Vici are home clear and 30 seconds inside the time — the second pair to beat the clock in this division.

11:16: Meghan O’Donoghue and Palm Crescent complete clear and 1 second over the time.

11:20: Anna Loschiavo and Spartacus Q picked up a runout at fence 15, the corner in the back field. Clear on second attempt. She completed with 20 time penalties.

11:21: Jacob Fletcher and Van Gough are home clear with 12.0 time penalties.

11:24: Overnight leaders Emily Beshear and Olney Uncle Sam unfortunately locked up 20 jumping penalties at 18, the back water.

11:29: Emily Beshear completes with 29 jumping and 9.2 time penalties.

11:31: Nilson Moreira da Silva and Cash complete clear with 6.4 time penalties.

11:32: Boyd Martin and Contestor pick up a runout at 18B, the corner. They completed with 14.0 time penalties.

11:33: Allison Springer and Business Ben unfortunately picked up a runout at 8C at the Jersey Shore.

11:36: Your top three in the 4*-L after cross country: Fylicia Barr and Galloway Sunrise, Arden Wildasin and Il Vici, and Doug Payne and Quantum Leap. Go $500 Craigslist wonder mare!

11:41: Allison Springer and Business Ben complete with 20 jumping and 27.6 time penalties.