Jersey Fresh jog report

Forget best dressed rider, it’s time we give some credit to the grooms who get the horses looking beautiful and keep their riders sane.  So, without further ado, the award for best dressed groom goes to…

Ashley Adams!!!  Ashley is here this weekend helping out Connor Rolins, her teammate from Bonnie’s program.  Lookin’ good in those shades Ashley.  I do think it helped with the judging that Ashley is also a four-star rider.

My truck’s thermometer read 46 degrees when I was driving over to the Horse Park this morning and the wind has picked up since then.  The high for today is predicted to be 58 degrees, with wind gusts at 20 to 30 mph.
Needless to say, quite a few riders were working hard to get their horses’ muscles warm and loosened up in the chilly weather this morning.  The late start time for the jog (9AM) made this process a bit easier.
Overall, the jog went well with a light mood around the jog despite the chilly weather.  In general, the horses at Jersey looked better schooled to jog than the Rolex horses, so props to all the competitors.
Nice quarter marks Doug

Santa’s Playboy was held and withdrew from the holding area.  Lion Display and Belmont were held but accepted at reinspection.  Right now, some riders are just giving their horses a hack or light flatwork to help them stay loose.
CCI2* show jumping starts at 11AM
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