Jersey report

Perspective is not what I was looking for when I went into the start box at Jersey Fresh on Saturday. I was shooting for the clear round. I was determined to reach my goal and my final qualification to get me to Bromont 3-star, but perspective is what I found. I had another bitting “situation” that resulted in a run-out at the skinny toothbrush out of the water because Nike would throw his head when I tried to steer or hold him to a line, resulting in him not seeing or locking onto the fence. Luckily, Nike understands and enjoys his job so the rest of the combinations I could keep a loose contact and he drew to the skinnys and corners. 

Until this year, I never realized that being successful brought so much more intense pressure than just getting around or being mediocre. I always thought that as soon as you figure out how to win or be successful that you get more comfortable, more confident. Once I realized that I had a phenomenal horse with potential to be extremely successful and it was completely up to me to show everyone who he is and who he can be, I was a bit overwhelmed with a sense of apprehension that I wouldn’t/couldn’t give him the ride he deserved. This weekend I realized that this was something I really needed to work through. Although I would MUCH rather be heading to Bromont next month, I realize that this “break” in Nike’s schedule will give me the time to sort through my competitive toughness, mental and emotional. I have no doubt that if Nike had a different bit that didn’t irritate him, he would have jumped around clear and at least close to the time. I have no doubt in his ability and can’t wait to get to another CIC and prove it. 
To everyone who has supported me and Nike and my other wonderful horses: I can’t thank you enough and I’m excited to encourage and cheer you on in the way you have for me. Good luck and keep checkin out the coolest site in Eventing. -Hannah Sue
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