Jimmy Wofford Applies for US Team Chef/Technical Advisor

From Jimmy’s website:

I wanted to let you know that this morning I sent in my application for the USET Chef d’Equipe/Technical Advisor position, an application which included both a comprehensive CV and my plan for future USET success. I am seeking this job because I believe I can help our sport reach new heights.To quote in part from my summary,

“For the past thirty-five years, the common denominator of our US eventing teams has been the presence of my former students. They learn a classical and effective system of training and riding from me, they go on in the sport to do great things, and I am incredibly proud of them. I am confident in my ability to continue to produce this result for the USET.”

There you have it Eventing Nation!  Jimmy is one of US eventing’s true godfathers, a champion rider, someone who has previously coached much of the current US team, a true statesman, and someone who can bring a refreshingly old-school mentality to the USEF. Jimmy joins David O’Connor and the joint application of Phillip Dutton and Bobby Costello as the third confirmed application to be sent in to replace Mark Phillips when he retires after 2012. The deadline for applications is January 31st.  We’ll have much more soon.  Go eventing.

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