Jon Holling — Training Camp is About to Start

Jon Holling was kind enough to send us a quick report before the US team training camp starts in Ocala.

From Jon:

Well here we are, it is the first big day of several to come.  It is move in day for the US Team training camp.  The past two days have been uncharacteristically rainy here in Ocala, FL.  No complaints from me for that though because it means we should have ideal footing all week at camp.  One very unique thing about this training camp is that it is being hosted at Ms. Jacqueline Mars’ beautiful Meredyth South which is the same property the Canucks are using.   I know we have already been divided up into separate barns and I am certain the arena time table will be decided by a wrestling match between Mark and David.  My money is on Mark of course.  David may be a bit younger but the Captain has experience on his side.  If I get the chance I will send some photos in of the fight.  In all seriousness though the horses must be in tonight and we start lessons on Tuesday morning.  We will have our final gallop Thursday, vet evaluations on Friday and then everyone will fly out on Saturday. 

One of the cool things about the team process I have been through thus far is getting to know your teammates.  I am sure that any good team member would say things like “this is a great team” or “these guys are the best,” but I can’t stress enough what a good team I think we have.  I honestly believe that any one of the five of us could walk away from the Pan Ams with the individual gold.   Hopefully that means we will have a great team result, as that is truly the most important part.  Being selected to represent the United States Eventing Team is a special and rare honor.  Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of this team so far.  I am certain that we will do everything we can to bring home the gold.

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