Jonelle Richards’ Blenheim CCI*** Recap

Jonelle Richards flew round the 3* course Saturday on the pretty, eye-catching and  very feminine Faerie Dianimo who skipped across the top of the ground and made it look quite simple. After her round Jonelle talked to Rupert Bell about her round on this lovely, young mare, “I’m not one to set out without the clock in my mind but I did have to remind myself this time round that she is just an eight year old and a good trip was the priority, and I’m not too disappointed with the time faults. I thought the course walked quite nice, but watching the first lot go there were some very good horses and riders that were caught out and I think it was widespread. You had to be on your guard the entire way round, we’ve seen a few  make a mistake three from home and I think Eric was quite clever in finding a way to slow the horses down on the way home, which is never ideal!  She’s a cracking little jumper hence why we were confident bringing her here this week despite her age and I think she’ll come out Sunday and give the show-jumping her best shot.” Jonelle also told Rupert that her illustrious team mates, Andrew, Mark, Jock set the bar pretty high and it’s inspiring for her to strive to command a position alongside them and be worthy of that. On her grey mare here this weekend she shared, “She’s only a tiny little thing, she’s very petite and she thinks she’s a bit more of a princess than anyone else but that sort of attitude and determination has got her a long way, and it’s certainly helped her today.”

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