Julie Rau: Impressions from the Indoor Event at Stuttgart

We’re so spoiled to have Julia Rau sending in all her beautiful pictures from the top events in Germany. Today she sent in a batch of shots from the Indoor Event at Stuttgart in Germany. No surprise here — Michael Jung won with fischerRocana FST, the lovely little 8-year-old mare he rode at Boekelo. Is this photo of Michael with the champagne bottle crying out for a caption contest or what?

Michael Jung celebrates winning the Indoor Event at Stuttgart. Photo by Julia Rau.

From Julia:

Michael Jung won the Indoor Event at Stuttgart — almost in his back yard, so to speak — with his lovely mare Rocana. He had already won a Mercedes because he came in first in the Jump and Drive. Look how he’s celebrating with sparkly all over the place! Andreas Ostholt came in second with 19-year-old Castell; it was his last competition. Ingrid Klimke came in sixth; she is also competing in pure dressage here. Hope you enjoy my impressions!

[Stuttgart Results]

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