Kate Chadderton and Civil Liberty Rise to the Occasion at Bromont

Kate Chadderton and VS McCuan Civil Liberty moved into second place on a 57.4.

Kate Chadderton and VS McCuan Civil Liberty were the best of the second group to go before the lunch break in the CCI2* at Bromont, scoring a 57.4 to move into second place. I featured Liberty, an OTTB, last year on EN’s Got Talent, so I’m really excited to see him do so well here today. Aside from anticipating the canter transition out of the walk — which has been happening very consistently across all the tests in the CCI2* today — this was a super test for Liberty, and I’m sure Kate is thrilled with him. Caroline Martin and Petite Flower, also a Thoroughbred, moved into third place on a 57.8 as the last pair to ride before the lunch break. The mare peeked around a bit during the test, and Caroline did a great of keeping her cool and calm. The test was going great under the very end when the mare unfortunately picked up the wrong lead twice out of the second simple canter transition, but overall it was really lovely.

Caroline Martin and Petite Flower are in third place on a 57.8.

Viola and Erin Brooke Freedman are sitting in fourth place on a 57.9. This test was so close to being really spectacular, as this Dutch Warmblood mare is stunning and has three really incredible gaits. Unfortunately, she was tense throughout the test, and she and Erin seemed to be having some communication issues, which kept Erin from being able to push for more in certain spots. But Erin held her together well overall and was able to get some really nice moments from the mare. Erin Sylvester and Mettraise, a Thoroughbred mare, scored a 60 to sit in sixth place. I thought Erin had some of the best simple canter transitions we’ve seen all morning and had really lovely canter work overall. The mare unfortunately broke to the canter during the beginning of the trot work, but overall this was a very consistent and relaxed test.

Erin Brooke Freedman and Viola are in fourth place on a 57.9.

Alexandra MacLeod and Railroad Man Jim, a Thoroughbred gelding, are in seventh place on a 61.7. The horse was jigging a bit in the walk while anticipating the canter transition, which we’ve seen a lot today. When he finally was able to canter, he threw in a very exuberant transition; he seems like a really cool horse and a fun one to watch go cross country. Jordan McDonald and Prince Mayo hold the lead going into the lunch break, with a 7.2-point gap back to second place. We have 12 horses still to go in the CCI2* dressage after the lunch break. Jennifer Simmons and GV Tuscany are the first to go after the lunch break at 12:51 p.m. The rain is falling heavier now, but we’re still avoiding any major downpours. Stay tuned for much more from Bromont.

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