KHP Getting Ready for the World Equestrian Games

When I was in KY this weekend, I had a few moments to walk around the snowy grounds of the Kentucky Horse Park.  I walked out to the XC fields and it was amazing to see combined driving obstacles amidst the famous Rolex jumps.  The progress over the past year has been incredible, and it is impossible for me to convey how much work is going into bringing the World Equestrian Games to Kentucky.


The new indoor is gigantic outside…
…and inside the lobby…
…and yes, that is a Pepsi machine.  Please recycle.
Outside, Bruce Davidson rides in the snow.
I stood beside the main outdoor arena and couldn’t help but wonder at how different it will look in September.
Rolex opens today, and you can enter for the small price of $100.   Also opening today are these other events that are scheduled to occur the weekend of April 9th: Ram Tap H.T. (CA),  Chattahoochee Hills H.T. (GA), Plantation Field H.T. (PA) Spring Bay H.T. (KY), The Fork H.T. (NC)
Finally, I thought it might be fun to show everyone some video of my first event this year.  Please forgive my horse for being all scruffy, I hadn’t clipped him yet.  Why was everyone laughing so hard?

Found at The Carrot
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