Kihikihi Horse Trials in NZ day one

The Kihikihi Cicada

The Kihikihi Cicada

Hi Team EN

I’m in New Zealand this weekend for the Trans-Tasman (that is Australia vs New Zealand) competition at the Kihikihi Horse trials. Each day I will bring you a summary of the action as us Aussie try to kick some Kiwi butt. For now, here are some pics from my course walk earlier today. For more on Kihikihi, check out their web page, trot (jog) is later today.

A kiwi fern adorns the rear but this is what the riders see.

This is Fence 11c, it is carved from a single piece of timber, just spectacular.

Pooh Bear and Piglet in the Pooh Pond (splash complex)

Pooh Bear and Piglet in the Pooh Pond (splash complex)

I have to say I haven’t enjoyed walking a cross country course quite so much in a while. The Kihikihi course is just stunning with brilliant attention to detail.

Here it is fence by fence, no words needed.

Yours in Eventing




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