Kristi Nunnink Reflects on Pau, R-Star Entered at Galway Downs

Kristi Nunnink’s weekend at Pau didn’t quite go as planned, when R-Star got a little too strong at the first water and she picked up a technical elimination by jumping the wrong option. However, that didn’t dampen Kristi’s spirits as she continued to cheer on her USA teammates. Since Rosie didn’t get to tackle the cross country, Kristi is express shipping her home to California and is entered to run the Galway Downs CCI3* this weekend. 

Kristi Nunnink and R-Star. Photo by Jenni Autry.

From Kristi:

Well our wonderful two weeks came grinding to a halt prematurely this past Saturday when I was unable to get enough control of R-Star to be able to make the turns needed for the first water complex. Although I am completely gutted over our performance, it was a thrilling day for the USA. We had five riders who rode successfully around the track, and they looked great doing it. All the U.S. horses looked great at the jog and show jumped their hearts out. Although it was difficult just being a spectator on Sunday, I was proud to be part of the USET effort. R-Star is in great shape, and I am hustling back to California to catch up with Astro my two-star horse at Galway.


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