Larkin Hill Hosts Another Wonderful Horse Trials

Flatlandsfoto.">John Roach and Royal View were winners of the Prelim/Training division. Flatlandsfoto

John Roach and Royal View won the Prelim/Training division. Photo by Joan Davis/Flatlandsfoto.

While I had a fairly laid back weekend filled with teaching lessons, trail riding and hanging out by the river, other riders were hanging out at Larkin Hill in  North Chatham, New York. I have heard wonderful things about Larkin Hill, and I’m sad to admit I have not competed at this event yet for one reason or another, but it is on my list.

Luckily I was able to catch up with a friend and fellow competitor, Kay Slater of True North Farm in Cape Cod, who competed in the Prelim/Training division with Caraway Archer. Kay competes all over Area 1 and had some great things to say about this particular venue and why she drives more than four hours to compete at Larkin Hill each spring and fall.

Joan Davis/Flatlandsfoto.">Michelle Chester and Paladin won the Training B division. Photo by Joan Davis/Flatlandsfoto.

Michelle Chester and Paladin won the Training B division. Photo by Joan Davis/Flatlandsfoto.

“Eventing at Larkin is a treat for our up and coming event riders and horses. The courses are always very well prepared with interesting questions. This fall’s show jumping course presented rollback, square and dog-leg turns, making it a great tune up for the fall events,” Kay said.

“The Intro division at Larkin always makes me think that Intro should be a USEA recognized division so that such beautifully built Intro level cross country courses would be available to all new eventers and horses. It would provide them the opportunity to see high quality riding and courses as they enter into our sport, inspiring them to train well and correctly.”

Joan Davis/Flatlandsfoto.">Emily Peairs and The Tin Man were winners of Novice B division. Flatlandsfoto

Emily Peairs and The Tin Man won the Novice B division. Photo by Joan Davis/Flatlandsfoto.

Kay said Larkin Hill was also a great event for her son Ben and his mare, Poetic License, “who are new to Novice and had yet another confidence building experience on the cross country, getting to ride all of the questions they may see at Training, but in exceptionally well built and presented Novice size and scope. When a kid comes off cross country saying his horse felt challenged but like she enjoyed herself, you know it was a great course.”

Joan Davis/Flatlandsfoto.">Elizabeth Scruton and Argentum were winners of Beginner Novice A division. Flatlandsfoto

Elizabeth Scruton and Argentum won the Beginner Novice A division. Photo by Joan Davis/Flatlandsfoto.

Of course, Joan Davis of Flatlandsfoto was at this event capturing all the glorious moments and smiling faces on camera. Here are your winning shots from Larkin Hill courtesy of Joan. As always, thank you to all those who put on this event and to all those who volunteered. Go Larkin Hill. Go Eventing!

[Larkin Hill H.T. Results]

Joan Davis/Flatlandsfoto.">Susan Mallery and Ayel Yes were winners of the Intro B division. Flatlandsfoto

Susan Mallery and Ayel Yes won the Intro B division. Photo by Joan Davis/Flatlandsfoto.