Late Night News and Notes: Toytown Benched for WEGs

Afternoon update: Allison Springer on 3D3W

Zara announced on Monday that the incredible Toytown will not target the WEGs, due to injury: Pippa Cuckson’s article, TJR.  Toytown is a World Champion and hardly needs any addition to his legacy.  He is a truly extraordinary horse who keeps me watching the 2006 WEG dvd over and over.  Zara and Toytown receive extraordinary media attention, and the pair handles that pressure with remarkable strength.

Rebecca Howard is home.

Courtney King-Dye is still in a coma.

EventingUSA has introduced a new series: Journey to FENCE T3DE.  Between EN’s Path to Rolex from Holly and Lauren, our trip to [insert big Spring 3-day] for Hannah, and Carrie’s quest for a 1*, and now USEA’s new Journey to a T3D, we pretty much have the bases covered I think.  Stay tuned later today for Holly’s next post.
More Rolex Featured Rider posts are up: Hawley Bennett part 2, Kelly Prather part 2
*Red Hills CIC3*-W Peter Atkins hemet cam, courtesy of Wylie eventing

Funny Toytown ad, courtesy of TJR

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