Lauren Lambert: Greetings from Germany!

Lauren Lambert and Honour Mission at Hagyard Midsouth. Photo by Samantha Clark. Lauren Lambert and Honour Mission at Hagyard Midsouth. Photo by Samantha Clark.

Kentucky native Lauren Lambert is overseas in Germany and documenting her experience through a blog on the PRO website.  After a stressful trip with a delay resulting in a missed flight, Lauren made it to Von Ronne Sportpferde.  She has been spending most of her time riding young horses, the four and five year olds, that were bred and raised on the farm.  Lauren reflects on the process of creating a string of international horses literally from the ground up– maybe that’s something we should focus more on in this country.

From Lauren’s PRO blog:

This is the first program I have been in where the cycle of the sport horse is played out from birth through the International level.  It is a successful system, and the proof is in results.  It takes a true horseman and a great team to run this type of operation.  In America, Bruce Davidson would certainly be one of our greatest examples of an ‘all-around’ horseman.  With more programs like this in America, the horsepower will be there for the long haul.  Without breeding programs and a system to filter and funnel the horses up the levels, it will be like patching an old road, the holes will show back up repeatedly.  Although it has a chance of making dreams come true, our system of buying an older horse, particularly geldings, for the following year’s championship will not help build a sustainable system.  And honestly, it fueling our competitors’ future strings and their development.  Without a long term vision and a thought out program like Bruce’s or Soren’s, we will continue to be filling holes which will fall through again.

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