Let’s Discuss: The Secrets of the Sitting Trot

Each week we take a talk-worthy topic and crowdsource it to our readers in search of an answer — or at least a some good ideas. This week’s topic, “The Secrets of the Sitting Trot,” is inspired by this blog post from EN’s good friend Laura Szeremi AKA Bad Eventer. (Editor’s note: Despite what Laura would have you believe, she is actually a very very good eventer!) You can keep up with all of adventures via her blog, Tales from a Bad Eventer, here.  All photos/amazing Bitmoji courtesy of Laura Szeremi. 

Before you get excited, let me be clear: I still have no earthly idea how to sit the trot on my giant moving fancy pants warmblood. My dressage lessons on him regularly bring me to tears.


For the record – I can sit the trot no problem on this horse…


and this horse …


and this horse …


But this one!!!!!


Last weekend in warm-up the fearless leader admonished me NOT to sit the trot in the warm up. The advice went something like, “Don’t SIT before you go in the ring! If it’s too bouncy, trying to sit isn’t going to make it better.”

Last I checked sitting is “required” at this level and I’m not sure if I can’t sit in warm up what’s going to happen in the ring.

Here’s what happened: I thought I might actually DIE. And by the time I was done with the trot work and FINALLY able to canter I was sucking wind trying to breathe so desperately that I couldn’t imagine why it is that I can run eight miles at altitude …


… but two minutes of sitting trot on this beast absolutely kicks my A$$.

I was lamenting my issue at the last show, and the best comment I heard was, “Well … you look quite a bit better. At least now we don’t think you’re actually going to bounce OFF the horse??!!

So I’ve been asking people if they have any “sitting trot secrets.”

These were the top five REAL answers Bad Eventer got to her question.

#5. “I drink three glasses of wine before every dressage test.”

#4. Go to your doctor and ask for Ativan.

#3. Gain A LOT of weight. You can’t bounce as high if you’re heavier.

#2. Wear a shadbelly and post anyway. They’ll just think you’re “re-balancing.”

#1. Buy a Paso Fino.


What sayeth you, citizens of EN? Can you help a sister out? Have any sitting trot “secrets” to impart? Share ’em in the comments!